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BSc Agribusiness Management


Undergraduate Courses under BSc Agribusiness Management:




Year 1

ABM 151: Introduction to Agriculture

ABM 152: Foundation Agriculture

ABM 153: Farm Records Mgt. & Accounting

ABM 154: Agribusiness Finance

ABM 155: Agribusiness Law

ABM 156: Business Comm. and Customer Relations

ABM 157: Principles of Agribusiness Management

ABM 158: Agribusiness Accounting, Auditing & Taxation

CS 157: Arable Crop Production and Management

AGEC 152: Economics for Agriculture &Natural Recourses

AE 157  Farm Power and Machinery Management

AGEC 154: Statistics for Agriculture& Natural Resources

ENGL 157: Communication Skills  I

ABM 160: Apiculture

MATH 157: Algebra

ENGL 158: Communication Skills  II

Year 2

ABM 251: Agribusiness Planning and Analysis

ABM 252: Agribusiness Risk and Resource Management

ABM 253: Introduction to Macroeconomics

ABM 254: Principles of Marketing

AGEC 253: Computer Applications in Agriculture

ABM 256: Cost and Accounting Management

AE 291  Irrigation Systems Management

AGEC 254: Rural Sociology

CS 257: Crop Protection          

AS 254  Poultry Production and Management

CS 259: Sustainable Land Management

AS 256  Micro Livestock Production

HORT 255: Seed Science and Technology

CS 352: Plantation and Industrial Crop Production Mgt.

ENGL 263: Literature in English I 

HORT    254: Ornamental Nurseries and Nursery Mgt.

LAW 265: Land Law I

ENGL 264: Literature in English II

Year 3*

ABM 351: Agric. Trade & Policy in Dev. Country

ABM 352: Financial Analysis

ABM 353: Marketing in Agribusiness

ABM 354: Agricultural Produce Export Management

ABM 355: Research Methods for Agribusiness

ABM 356: Supply Chain Management

AGEC 351: Extension Comm. & Teaching Methods

ABM 358: Management Information System

AE 260: Processing & Preservation of Agric. Produce

ABM 360: Quantitative Methods for Agribusiness Mgt.

AS 351  Cattle, Sheep and Goat Production

ABM 364: Agricultural Cooperatives

FSA 353: Principles and Practices of Aquaculture

AS 352: Swine Production

HORT 351: Fruit Crop Production and Management

HORT 352: Vegetable Crop Production

Year 4

ABM 451: International Agribusiness

ABM 452: Production/Operations Management

ABM 453: Marketing Management

ABM 454: Strategic Agribusiness Management

ABM 455: Vertical Coordination in Agri-Food System

ABM 456: Entrepreneurship

ABM 457: Food Safety and Quality Standards

ABM 458: Project Appraisal and Management

AS 455  Meat Science & Animal Products Processing

ABM 460: Financial Management

HORT 451: Landscape Design and Construction

ABM 462: Human Resource Management

ABM 491: Seminar I

ABM 492: Seminar II

ABM 493: Student Project I

ABM 494: Student Project II

* Students shall undertake practical attachment with selected agribusiness institutions during the long vacation at the end of Year Three and shall submitted a report in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the BSc Agribusiness Management Programme.