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BSc Agriculture (Economics Option)


Undergraduate Courses under BSc Agriculture (Economics Option and Extension Option):




Year 1*

AGEC 151: Principles of Extension

AGEC 152: Economics for Agriculture &Natural Resources

AGEC 154: Statistics for Agriculture & Natural Resources

Year 2*

AGEC 251: Agricultural Economics

AGEC 252: Farm Records Mgt. and Accounting

AGEC 254: Rural Sociology

Year 3*

AGEC 351: Extension Comm. &Teaching Methods

AGEC 352: Farm Management

AGEC 353: Management Information System

AGEC 356: Social Research Methods

AGEC 355: Principles of Marketing

Year 4

Economics Option

AGEC 451: Agricultural Policy

AGEC 452: Agricultural Marketing

AGEC 453: Agricultural Finance

AGEC 454: Introduction to Macroeconomics

AGEC 455: Statistics for Research 

AGEC 456: Production Function Analysis 

AGEC 457: Production Economics

AGEC 458: Agricultural Project Appraisal

AGEC 459: Quantitative Methods

AGEC 460: Accounting

Extension Option

AGEC 461: Agricultural Cooperatives

AGEC 462: Social Change and Rural Development

AGEC 463: Statistics for Social Research

AGEC 464: Extension Training and Material Development

AGEC 465: Participatory Technology Development

AGEC 466: NGOs, Gender and Development

AGEC 467: Extension Mgt.& Supervision

AGEC 468: Group Dynamics

AGEC 469: Programme Planning and Evaluation


Both Economics and Extension Options

AGEC 491: Seminar I

AGEC 470: Management and Entrepreneurial Skills

AGEC 493: Student Project II

AGEC 492: Seminar I


AGEC 494: Student Project II

*Students take courses in Animal Science, Crop and Soil Sciences, Horticulture and Agric. Mechanization in addition to those listed for Year 1-3