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MPhil/PhD Agricultural Economics

MPhil Agricultural Economics




Year 1



AGEC 551: Research Methodology

AGEC 552: Project Appraisal

AGEC 553: Stats. Theory, Analysis & Computing

AGEC 554: Agricultural Policy Analysis

AGEC 555: Mathematics for Economists                  

AGEC 556: Applied Econometrics     

ECONS 551: Microeconomics Theory

AGEC 558: Production Economics

ECONS 553: Macroeconomics Theory

AGEC 570: Resource Economics

AGEC 564: Agricultural Finance*

AGEC 586: International Agricultural Marketing*

Year 2

AGEC 691: Seminar I

AGEC 692: Seminar II

AGEC 693: Thesis

AGEC 694: Thesis

*Elective (select one). NB: PhD Candidates without MPhil Agric. Econs. are required to register and pass all the MPhil Agric. Economics courses.