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MSc/MPhil/PhD Agribusiness Management

MPhil Agribusiness Management (REGULAR & IDL-MSc)




Year 1

ABM 551: Agribus. Mgt.  and Value Chain Analysis

ABM 552: Qualitative & Quantitative Methods for Agribusiness

ABM 553: Business Economics

ABM 554: Marketing and Agric. Trade Policies

ABM 555: Research Methodology

ABM 556: Agribusiness Law and Ethics

ABM 557: Agribusiness Project Planning and Mgt.

ABM 558: Agribusiness Finance and Business Risk Mgt.

ABM 559: Financial and Managerial Accounting

ABM 592: Seminar

Elective (Select One)

Elective course (Select One)

AMB 561: Mktg. Research and Agric. Price Analysis

ABM 560: Human Resource Management

ABM 563: Procurement and Logistics Management

ABM 562: International Trade and Export Mgt.

ABM 565: Devt. and Mgt. of  MSMSE

ABM 564: Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

ABM 567: MSMEs Financing & Financial Analysis

ABM 566:Coop. &Marketing Strategies for MSMEs

ABM 569: Production and Operations Management

ABM 568: Management of Microfinance Institutions

Year 2

ABM 651: Seminar I

ABM 652: Seminar II

ABM 653: Thesis

ABM 654: Thesis


PhD Agribusiness Management




Year 1

ABM 751: Applied Econometrics

ABM 752: Agribusiness Finance

ABM 753: Agricultural Development Theory

ABM 754: Research Methods, Statistics & Scientific Writing*

ABM 755: Agribusiness Planning and Management

AMB 756: Advanced Leadership & Governance in Agribusiness

ABM 757: Accounting and Financial Analysis

ABM 758: Seminar I

Year 2-4

Seminar & Thesis

Seminar & Thesis

*Course also registered by PhD Agricultural Economics Students